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Pacifyr is a confidential, non-judgemental, and stigma-free counseling service provided by professionals who are social workers, counselors, life coaches, personal trainers, nutritionists, dieticians, therapists, or yoga experts.

Pacifyr offers supportive, convenient and affordable online wellness and emotional counseling.


Genetic Counseling Meets Artificial Intelligence.

DNAVisit uses Artificial intelligence to aid and augment certified genetic counselors and pharmacists, during pre-test and post-test services, with an emphasis on the following areas: Hereditary Genetics, Pharmacogenetics, Family Planning, and Rare Diseases

Gibco Protein Expression Protocol Calculator

The interactive protein expression protocol calculator for the Gibco ExpiCHO and Expi293 Expression Systems enable users to save time and hassle.

The tool allows researchers to simply input a few details about their planned experiment, and does the calculations and provides a customized one-page PDF protocol for easy use and convenience.

AssetConnect provides Smart AI Assistance and Real-time Visual Support for employees and customers.

The app elevates the customer's workforce and empowers their end users through cutting-edge, AI-driven real-time support, seamless visual issue reporting, immersive AR-enhanced live video, and an effortlessly navigable knowledge repository.

NanoString Panel Selection Tool

Choosing the right gene expression panel for genomics research is now easier with the NanoString Panel Pro panel selection tool!

Browse a catalog of inventoried and made-to-order panels by name, application area, biologic pathway/process, or gene name(s). Researchers can upload gene lists to find the panel that best matches their selection or compare gene coverage across multiple panel types.


WorkbechX is an advanced manufacturing platform for the circular economy.

Customers can connect directly to approved, high-quality manufacturers to streamline the discovery, quoting and quality control processes.